We are non-profit-association of around 100 members interested in genealogy and history of families located in Lorraine, North East of France at the border of Belgium and Luxemburg, with specific focus on cities such as Longuyon, Longwy and Villerupt.

One of our objectives is helping people in genealogy research by providing contacts or information coming from our own databases.

Our activity:

-         Helping members in family research

-          Input of information per city of birth, marriage and death.

-          Describing live of our ancestors

-        Teaching palaeography

-          Regular publishing of books

-          Quarterly editions of a revue named “Au pied de mon arbre

-     Exhibitions, trips, ...

If you want to join us or simply to ask some questions please use the email address below. Unluckily we have not been able to fully translate our web site, but we will be more than happy to help you !

Thank you.